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ACT OF PRESENCE  –  23.06.2014

I do an experiment with time, colour and movement. I divide an A4 size sheet of paper in four rectangular fields, two horizontal and two vertical. Each part will be filled with colour leaving a word open as a rest shape. After each field the paper is moved clockwise into a new position, then the next colour is painted leaving the next word open in readable position. The four words: HERE – NOW – REAL – TIME. This  process is repeated four times so that each field is covered with four layers of colour in different ranks. After each painterly act the work is photographed in its new position. In this manner I get 16 photos of different positions of the work in progress. After finishing I will make a montage of the photos into a stop motion film showing the work building up from empty field into four times full four colour drawing and afterwards returning backwards to its first position again.

Next step will be the making of a painting following the same process. It will be on show in a way allowing viewers, provided with white gloves, to turn the painting 90 degrees clockwise into a next position, thus offering them an act of presence, here, now, in real time, in relation to the painting.  

The film can be viewed here:




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