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UMZUG – time-out – Dordrechts Museum


Logo Painting              Portrait of Kafka

 Logo Painting                                                      Portrait of Kafka

UMZUG – Time-out

On the 18th of July I travel back to Dordrecht (NL) for a short-time interruption of my Pilotenkueche residency for set-up and vernissage of my exhibition UMZUG at the Dordrechts Museum. Opening 26th of July, 15 h. In the show a selection of paintings and drawings 2003 – 2014. A catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition. My recently finished painting in Leipzig Logo Painting can be regarded as concrete reference to the upcoming show in Dordrecht.

 UMZUG  Paintings & Drawings Ton Kraayeveld

UMZUG boek

Dordrechts Museum (eds.), authors Lucette ter Borg, Gerrit Willems (curator Modern Art). Bookdesign: Renate Boere

In bright colours, Ton Kraayeveld (Sliedrecht, 1955) paints a recognizable world of offices and waiting rooms, closets and suitcases, chairs, files and logos. Using simple motifs, the artist deals with major themes such as migration, colonial history, power and bureaucracy. Neither direct nor domineering, in Kraayeveld’s work, everything is fluid, layered and moving. Not only the subjects of his paintings, but also his way of painting. He offers the viewer open spaces where their thoughts can roam freely.

The publication UMZUG. Paintings & Drawings Ton Kraayeveld presents a selection of works from the last ten years, and is composed on the occasion of the retrospective in the Dordrecht Museum which will be opened on the 26 of July.

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