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Joseph Beuys in Chemnitz   

Joseph Beuys, ohne Titel, 1957/58, Hasenblut, Bleistift, Klebefilm, hellbraunes Papier, 20,9 x 14,7 cm



I visited the exhibition Joseph Beuys Zeichnungen/Drawings at Kunstsammlung Chemnitz last Sunday. Beuys was the greatest living artist back in the eighties when I studied at Willem de Kooning art-academy in Rotterdam. On a very special occasion Beuys visited our school and I remember very well being present in a classroom with Beuys explaining his ideas and vision on art and society as a social sculpture to us students. It was a very special moment and his influence to young artists then can not be underestimated. From then on installation art made its entry and the use of unusual but meaningful  or just found materials for drawing and art-making became common among us. But nothing could compare to the shamanistic content and presence of Beuys himself in his works. After seeing those drawings back now after such long time I still feel struck by the deep compassion for life and humanity that speaks out of these works.


Joseph Beuys at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, 1981


            Joseph Beuys



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