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ANOTHER UTOPIA in Pilotenkueche


Another UtopiaAnother Utopia, oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 2014


Another Utopia is the title of my final painting installation for Rundgang at Spinnerei Leipzig on 13th and 14th September in the Pilotenkueche artist residency. Named after a recent painting which is also a new version of a painting that I made in 2006 with same two central words another utopia. It also refers to a text Waiting for/Another Utopia/Vanishing which I wrote in 2006 some years after my six months stay in Berlin as a concept for a LIA artist in residence program in Leipzig (for which I was then not accepted). My installation here will thus refer to the history of my own work as well as to the influence of cultural and political history in the city here.

Some quotes from this earlier essay:

“The residence in Berlin, and regular visits since then, also by now led to various painting and drawing works based on images of architecture left over from former DDR periods. Nowadays it is obvious that significant reminders of this period are being removed from the Berlin city centre rapidly”. And: “For example during summer 2006 the typical metal grid structure covering the façades of the Kaufhof building on Alexanderplatz had been taken off the building. Also by now the decision has been taken to tear down the Palast der Republik to make space for a replica of the Berliner Schloß which is apparently regarded to be more representative to current ideology”.

Another Utopia installation view   Another Utopia installation view   Another Utopia detail   Another Utopia detail   Another Utopia detail   Anther Utopia - Untitled & Two Chairs

Spinnerei Rundgang, Wochenende 13 und 14 September 2014 – Pilotenküche International Studio Program. Open Saturday 13.09 11 – 20, Sunday 14.09 11 – 16. Halle 14C, 1.OG. Baumwollespinnerei, Spinnereistrasse 7, Leipzig. 


Chang Yongsung (Südkorea), Jude Griebel (Kanada), Michiel Frielink (Niederlande), Natalia Ossef (Niederlande), Yuichirou Yamanishi (Japan), Kiyun Park (Südkorea), Ton Kraayeveld (Niederlande

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