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Post Leipzig works

   Untitled (about beauty)                 Untitled (About Beauty), oil on canvas, 150 x 125 cm, 2015


Two Chairs     K. on Journey     High Five Painting     Untitled

Works on paper

archivbesichtigung     Portrait of Dr. Schreber     Untitled

Romanticists     Another Utopia     Lampen Laden



4 new works with clear references to the works made in Leipzig during my artist in residence project at Pilotenkueche in 2014.

A new version of ‘Two Chairs’. Real size chairs in this case to give the image another presence in relation to other works and space.

‘K. on Journey’ and ‘High five painting’ can both be seen as a continuation of the logo paintings which have been  a constant and ongoing series in my work probably with roots in the ‘Filedividers’ and ‘Network management Project’ drawings and installations. References to images constructed during the Leipzig residency which make the works  function as kind of travel diary.

Most recent  is Untitled (about beauty). The painting is a slightly changed large size version of the small abstract pattern painting made in Leipzig. By blowing up the image it will have a less marginal position now between other works. Some changes have been made in the spatial position and functioning  of the layers of colored bars. There is a suggestion of ongoing painting behind the painted strokes which makes the structure very spacy. The chosen pattern refers to patterns used in and outside trunks and suitcases.

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